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Benjamin Rodefer and Jeff Bingaman
Thank you for your support!
Together we can effect positive change for New Mexico

For New Mexico State races there is a $2300 limit per election, thus with both a primary & general in 2012, any individual may give up to $4600 
Contributions to political campaigns are not tax deductible.

Checks to:

"Ben Rodefer for New Mexico"
147 Via Oreada
Corrales, NM 87048

To contribute by credit card:

My contribution: $

Join your friends and neighbors in working towards a better future for all New Mexicans

Past financial supporters of Benjamin Rodefer include:
Terry Holland
Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino
Marg Elliston
Pauline Eisenstadt
Retired Brigadier General George Franzen
Kathy Lang
Paul & Laura Stokes
Norton Kalishman
NM Building & Construction Trades Council
Vicki Randle
Don Michaelis
Albuquerque Teachers Federation
NM Medical Society
Wilbur Kerley
Michelle Giger
Herlyn Harrington
Governor Bill Richardson
Penny Perkins
Jim Spadaccini
Conservation Voters of NM
Margie Baca
Martha Egan
John Romero
US Senator Jeff Bingaman
David Roth
Dr. Mark Sagarin
Joel Davis
Lisa LeFlore
Jane and Ron Lerner
Dr. Ann Morrison
Gail Giffen
Gary Burton
Jonathan Cohen
Kathie Lehner
Laurie McPherson
Captain William Green
David Hammack
Pat Clauser
Dan Shaw
Rick Thaler
Ken & Melissa Torrez
Monique Mosher
Jolene & Wayne Maes
Mark & Jennie Gonzales
Deb Tyroler
Jason Aryeh
Felix Brenner
Jackson Johns
Joshua Rodefer
Angela Arzave
Marg Elliston
Evelyn Losack
Ed & Dennie Paschich
Dr. Elizabeth McGuire
Summer Brenner
Dr. David Johnson
Dr. Miranda Durham
David Garcia
Holly Baer
Dr. Lisa Feierman
Amanda Wilder
Camille Green
Kate Davis
Mick Harper
Bill & Barbara Elliott
Sally Newcomb
Doug Ring
Cindy Miscikowski
Nat & Sarah Cobb
Sondra & David Hammack
Brian Egolf
Mimi Stewart
Nathan Perkins
Anne Stirling
Act Blue New Mexico
Pauline & Mel Eisenstadt
Judy Anderson
Elizabeth & Paul Hommert
Jack Campbell
Mary & Paul Davis
Tonna & Marcos Burgos
Sandoval County Democratic Party
Peter & Alice Page
Steven Tolber
Louise Campbell
Paul & Laura Stokes
Janice Kando
Kathy Lang
Stanlee Gatti
Rhawn & Jen Denniston
Theo Crevenna

Ben Rodefer...One of us - He's working for us.


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